Monday, October 22, 2007

Monsterlina by Monday

My friend Rachel asked me to make a Monsterlina for her daughter Avenelle. That was way back in the middle of the summer. But! She said she didn't need it until Christmas so I could take my time. So I did. But! Here she is, and that's one thing I can check off my to do list.

I don't have much else to show this week. I have a bunch of personalized piece in progress, but none completed. I did have fun making my Raggedy Ann costume this weekend. I hadn't made a skirt in a while. Skirts are easy! I should make skirts all the time. That's just what I need. Another thing to make. I also like the apron thingy I made and I just might modify it and make some little girl apron tops. So many ideas, so little time.

And sometimes, the best thing I can make is time for the kids. We went to Disneyland yesterday, just for a few hours (since we get in free). We were there long enough to see the parade, ride the new Nemo Submarine (awesome!), go through the Haunted Mansion, and see the park all decked out for Halloween.

I want this job:

Sage liked this Day of the Dead exhibit:

and McKenna just thinks we're all so strange.


Kait said...

That Monsterlina is the coolest thing! I have two nieces that would love those - do you sell them on Etsy or anywhere?

KB said...

Aww, thanks kait! I occasionally put some on my website here:
and sell them at shows and through special orders (just email me!). I'm going to try to get some more up on the website soon. scam said...

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