Friday, March 19, 2010

Laundry and lesson plans.

Well hi there. It echoes in here here... here... here.

Long time, no blog. It seems I clammed up there for a while. So much so that I forgot I had a blog that I used to write on pretty often. I used to show pictures of my kids and the places we went and the things I made. Then I just stopped. My apologies to those who were following me. Find me on Facebook, mention patchwork world and I'll friend you (that's where I'm spending all the time I used to spend blogging). Tonight, I remembered that I have a blog and thought I should come back and write something. Maybe I'll even get back into it, who knows. We'll see.

I don't know how to recap the past few months. Erik's been living the freelance animator lifestyle, occasionally being flown out to places like Savannah, St. Louis, San Francisco and Seattle for interviews or contract work. Oh yeah, and he lived in Phoenix for a month. That was hard. Now he's home again working in Hollywood for the next few weeks, but after that, who knows? Such is the freelancer's lifestyle. Lord knows the major studios aren't hiring. Instead, they're laying off people by the thousands and outsourcing out the wazoo.

In the meantime, I've been teaching and taking care of the kids. McKenna successfully survived a lame preschool that showed Tom and Jerry videos all day. She loves her new preschool and they love her. It's a shame she's going to have to leave it soon (more on that later.)

It's been a rough year for Sage though. The synopsis: He started a new school, started having daily anxiety attacks, got asked to leave, started a new school in our neighborhood (with 1800 kids in grades k-5) , met with several doctors, was found to have a hearing impairment, started on a homeopathy regimen that seems to be helping, and right now, thankfully, is doing well. Suffice it to say, after dealing with that, plus homework and laundry and dinner and lesson plans, there hasn't been much time for sewing in my studio, much less blogging about it.

Until now. I just got laid off.

Damn, my life is just one sob story after another, isn't it? Now you know why I haven't been blogging.

The principal said it was nothing personal, just budget cuts. Still, it sucks. I feel like I emotionally invested the past 7 months into that place and those kids and now *poof* just like that I'm gone. It's a horrible feeling to hear that you're not needed anymore. This is the first job I ever lost.

In the meantime, I lost myself, or that part of me that used to make stuff and go places and talk about it. I lost it in the laundry and the lesson plans. Right now, I have no plans, so it will be interesting to see what happens next.


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