Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Studio Tuesday - T-Shirt Pillow Tutorial

A while ago my friend Lauren asked me to give a new life to a shirt her daughter Ava had loved but outgrown. I suggested turning it into a pillow so she could have it to hug and hold onto and look pretty on her bed. When Sage was a baby I made him this pillow from a great big shirt I found at a yard sale:

I simply cut out the front and back, sewed around the edge, and stuffed it. Super easy. I also did one this summer with a Yo Gabba Gabba shirt I got signed for the kids at Comic-Con (blogged here).

Ava's favorite shirt was smaller though, so I did this pillow a little differently. Here's the shirt:

First, I cut out the cute part.

Next, I ironed some HeatnBond Lite to the back, trimmed it, and ironed the image onto gingham fabric.

Then I stitched some lace around the edge of the image with a zig-zag stitch.

Then I found some fabric to back it. . .

and sewed around the edge, leaving an opening at the bottom.

Lauren also gave me an old flat pillow she had, which I ripped open, de-stuffed and and refluffed. When you're not making a project to sell, this is a great way to recycle old pillows. (Note to kokoleo personalized commission customers - I always use new stuffing for your projects.)

Then I turned the empty pillow inside out and stuffed it with the newly fluffed stuffing

Then I stitched up the opening at the botttom. Viola!

Ava's once-favorite shirt can now be her new favorite pillow.


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CynthiaAvaDevta said...

This is beautiful. And what an excellent idea for all of those clothes I don't want to let go of...

KB said...

Thanks! Sometimes I take a favorite image from one of my kid's shirts, cut it out, and iron and sew it onto another shirt to get another year of wear out of it. It's so hard to throw out the things they love.

ice pink stars said...

This is such an awesome tutorial, and I love the step-by-step pictures to go with it (always a bonus!). Bookmarking this so I can remember it! I also love the added lace and zigzagging stitch.

pomly said...

This is SOO cute and such a great idea!

Anne said...

What a cool idea!!! I posted a link to your project on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog: http://sewing.craftgossip.com/tutorial-turn-a-fave-tee-into-a-fave-pillow/2009/03/22/

KB said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I, too, posted a link about your cute project on my site. Thanks for the great idea! Lizabeth www(dot)sparkbark(dot)com

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

This is DARLING! Thanks so much for sharing! I'll be linking if you don't mind.

erin said...

so cute!!!!!! this is awesome. thanks for sharing it! i'm totally adding your blog so i can follow your crafty adventures.


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