Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tap tap. . . Is this thing on?

I'm back! I think. We'll see. It was a nice little break living the non-blogging life - no pressure to get a post in before midnight, no having to upload and resize pictures, no taking the time to find the right words, no worrying if I'm coming across as show-offy or stupid. I forgot what it was like to just live and not have to package everything into interesting little paragraphs accompanied by neatly cropped and color-corrected pictures.

But now I have no record of the things we did this month. Like 4th of July fireworks at the CBS Studios:

or our hike:
to this place:

or the trip we took to see the Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center :

or how I volunteered at the Handmade Nation art auction at the Poketo studio.

I never told you about the countless playgrounds, library excursions and playdates we had:
or the homeschooling we did:

(. . . or tried to do. . . he's a bit of a daydreamer.)

I didn't do a big writeup of Comic-Con 2008:

or tell you about our stay on Coronado Island:

and our visit to the Wild Animal Park:

Sage's hair is getting long. So is McKenna's:

Well, not that long, or purple, but wispy and blond. But it's there, in case you were worried.

I'm still here too, in case you were wondering. Thanks for sticking with me. I now return you to your regularly updated patchwork world. . .

Friday, July 18, 2008

Handmade Nation Silent Art Auction

I'm going to break my silence here to post about this event happening Saturday at the Poketo studio in Los Angeles.
All money raised will go to to help director Faythe Levine complete her independent film Handmade Nation, which explores the rise of a new generation of craft in America.

I'll be there helping out - if you stop by, say hi! And buy me some cool new art!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Please Stand By. . .

I think I need to take a little blog break. Don't worry, nothing's wrong, I just have some other things I want to focus on for a while. I won't be gone too long. Thanks for taking the time to read my random ramblings and thank you especially to those of you who write back - it means a lot to me. I promise I have a lot more ridiculousness left to share, so stay tuned, a patchwork world will return in a moment.


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