Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Post 4. (I should post more.)

Oh wow. I really don't update this blog much anymore. Only 3 posts so far this year? I'm ashamed.

I'm proud of what I've done with Club Teasdale though. Two years ago I started my quest to get it open and now I have a successful year of a daily after school program under my belt, I taught 3 camps - craft, nature, and drama - in our building this summer, and we're now 2 months in to our second year of after school activities and we have a full roster. It's not always easy but I can't imagine a better job for me right now.

I still manage to crank out some kokoleos from time to time. Here are some pillows, banners, and a cape I sent out into the world in the past few months:



Here are some mermaid tails I made for a paly my daughtrer was in this summer at the Burien Little Theater.

And here's an apron I made for my friend Carolyn Danza Ossorio, a.k.a. Pippimamma, to wear in her web series entitled "Cookin and Trippin at Camp Ossorio." 


Here she is wearing her kokoleo apron on my favorite local morning show New Day Northwest!

It's fun to see fabric that once in my studio now on my television. 


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