Saturday, October 20, 2007

Self Portrait Saturday

Raggedy Ann, after the party.

We went to our friends John and Audry's annual Halloween party. They live two streets over from us so we walked over. Looking like this:

Sage took that. Here's a closeup:

We were Raggedy Ann and Andy Warhol. He discovered me, see, because before, I was just Ann Brand from Detroit. Then he made me a superstar as Raggedy Ann. Then he deserted me and left me broke and strung out. Damn, Andy.

Sage, on the other hand, was a pirate.

Argh. A dead pirate to be exact. Erik bought him this costume at the Disney store. I know I should be making his costumes and all, but he wanted to be a pirate and this costume is better than I could have done. See?

It's all ripped up and the skeleton glows in the dark.

McKenna was a pumpkin:

It's the same costume Sage wore when he was her age. Storebought, but still cute. I promise to make them really cool costumes in the years to come.

Here's John and Audry.
They were from Jaws. Erik guessed John was Che Gueverra.

More costumes:
That's Snow White Trash.


Senator Larry Craig.

I could have gone with this guy:

Andy Kauffman.

Sage played with his friend Paige.

That's Sage and Paige in a cage.

Happy Halloween!


Jodi Renshaw said...

I busted out laughing at all these costumes!!! So great that you all have parties like this. I particularly loved Snow White Trash. She will have me laughing for a long time! So great.

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