Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stitchless in Seattle

We made it! We're here! Actually, we made it here almost FIVE weeks ago and we're still living in a hotel (dog and cat included), a few miles away from the house we're trying to buy. If we had known back in May when we put in an offer on the house how hard it would be to get it, we would have just rented. BUT! It looks like our diligence is finally paying off and if all goes as planned (which it never does) we should be in our new house this time next week. Weirdest summer ever.

I miss my stuff. I miss my sewing machines (plural) and my fabric. I miss being able to walk into my studio and make things. My greatest accomplishment this summer has been coming up with activities to entertain two kids living with limited clothes and toys in a hotel room. Thankfully, with a new city to explore it hasn't been too difficult. We've found every thrift store and playground in the vicinity, several lakeside beaches, free movie mornings at the local theater, farmers markets, and a beautiful trail lined with blackberries across from our hotel. Despite not having a place to call home, we love it here so far.

I started a new blog - Out and About Around Seattle (*with kids) -  chronicling our adventures around the city. A Patchwork World will from now on be reserved for all things crafty and kokoleo. Hopefully soon, once I get my new studio set up I'll be posting regularly here again. I've been bouncing around design ideas and can't wait to see what comes out of kokoleo with a Pacific Northwest influence.  It seems as if every other aspect of my life is (finally!) undergoing a transformation for the better, it's only fitting that inspiration and creativity will follow.


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