Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Mama for Obama

Have you been following the news? I have, and I can honestly say that never in my life have I seen so many crises in our country. Growing up, I never felt like we had a revolution to get excited about. I was jealous of the 60s. I think these are our 60s. The times they are a'changin. . . finally! I just hope it's for the better. It certainly can't get much worse.

And yet, we're muddling through. Our house is worth half of what we paid for it, groceries and gas and utilities are costing more, business is down in shops where I sell my stuff, and we're doing without a lot of extras. But, it's not so bad, really. In a way, I think it's a wake-up call this country needed. Times like these make you realize what's really important. Still, my heart goes out to those who are losing their jobs, homes, life savings, etc.

Now that Sage is back in school, I'm enjoying a new routine where I sew and listen to CNN during McKenna's naptime. If I'm a housewife then this is my soap opera, complete with drama, intrigue, excitement, and scandal. I was super-excited to watch the debate, then a bit disappointed that there wasn't a hands-down winner. I have tried to keep an open mind and I'll be the first to acknowledge a valid point by the other side, but I'm no fence-sitting swing-voter. I know without a doubt who I trust and know can lead us in a brand new direction. And I know without a doubt who I think has some terrible ideas. Trouble is, half the country seems to like that guy just as much as I like mine and they think all those terrible ideas are good ones. It's shaping up to be a nail-biter of an election, and we still have 5 weeks to go! All I know is we better get it right this time because the last 8 years have shown us that the wrong choice can ruin everything.

Last weekend I volunteered to work a phone bank calling voters in Nevada to talk about the issues and encourage them to vote for Barack Obama. It was pretty intimidating, sometimes disheartening, sometimes uplifting (one woman told me I convinced her Obama was her man), and generally a good way to spend an afternoon. I also helped handwrite postcards to voters in the swing states while I sat around a picnic table with other Obama supporters discussing the latest news stories. That equals fun in my book. Those few volunteer hours were the least I could do, literally, it wasn't much. There are people out there doing way more for the cause and I applaud and support them.

While I was there I got lots of compliments on this barrette (for sale on Etsy) that I made, and I donated $20 and got that bracelet and ring a lady was selling. I love all the grassroots handmade political gear that I'm seeing, especially because it's mostly all pro-Obama. (I guess McCain folk aren't that crafty? Granted, I do live in liberal L.A.) We went to the Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice Beach today and it was like a Grateful Dead show with everyone digging each other's t-shirts and other gear. Here are just a few that I managed to capture:

Are you registered to vote in your area? If not, there's still a little time left. Google yourself a registration form and then on November 4th just fill in the box that says Obama/Biden. It's easy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Annette, McKenna, and Bella Bean

On Thursday my friend Annette came over. Annette owned the Dragonfly, a vintage clothing store where I worked when I was in college. It was the coolest shop in Shepherdstown and she let me dress the window and decorate the walls and sit around and sew or study if I had to. I loved that job.

I had hoped to take her to all my favorite thrift shops while she was here and I envisioned us both getting the best stuff ever!, but we only went to a couple shops and didn't find a thing. Oh well, we'll find perfect things another time and send them to each other.

This is her husband Kevin. He's a nice guy. They've raised 4 boys who are now off to college, jobs, Iraq, etc. They were on a cross-country vacation to the west coast and back, visiting friends and family on the way. I'm glad I made the list.

He doesn't really have horns and she isn't really wearing a pirate hat, that's just the painting. Speaking of horns. . .

McKenna was getting ready for battle that day.

Here she is modeling a sundress I made:

It's reversible. Here's the other side:

I also made her this one:

but only got a couple decent pictures of it. That one, where she's looking tired and confused, and this one:

featuring Bella's beautiful rectum.

I'll leave you with her better side.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some recent thrifty acquistions. . .

I haven't done a Thrift Thursday in a while. It's not Thursday, but whatever. How about I do a Secondhand Sunday?

I haven't been scouring as many yard sales lately because: A. I don't want to waste precious gas driving around, and B. I'm trying to make do with what I have. Occasionally though I run across and ad on Cragislist that I can't pass up. Like this one:

Sat.,9/13- 9 AM - 2 PM Motion Picture Costume Co. 3811 Valhalla Dr., Burbank, 91505 Household, crafts, books, fabric, jewelry, clothing, and much more We’re underemployed because of the production slow down so we are selling our “treasures”. Come Shop and find something special for yourself or a gift! You never know what you will find…. ALL BUYERS WELCOME! Proceeds from table sales and donated items benefit the MPC 705 Welfare Fund. Proceeds from merchant sales benefit the individual member.

Which was approximately 3 minutes from my house. Here's what I got:

It's a little clutch made from felt balls. Years ago at a Felt Club show I got a felting kit and learned how to make these balls (see blog post here), so I know how much work went into this. $5 was a steal.

Next I got these:

Two new Anne Taylor tops that are just begging me to embellish them with some kokoleo anchors. $4.


A bag of great big vintage buttons, perfect for sundress straps and purse closures. $7.

I was excited to find these wire necklaces:

because I had just used my last one for my eyeglass jewelry and was wondering where I could get more. Wonder and ye shall stumble upon, that's what I've come to find. The lady gave me a deal because she was happy to see someone want to put them to use. I got 12 for $15.

Then I got these for $1:

Which I'll use on kokoleo necktie headbands and to make some baby barettes. I already made a few for McKenna. Here's one:

Awwww, so cute! It actually even stays in her hair for a few minutes.

Next, I got this pin for myself:

I love leaves dipped in gold, especially when they're just $1. Hmmm, I wonder what kind of leaf this is? It sure is pretty.

Lastly I got this pin for someone in my family:

The lady gave it to me for $2 and was happy to know it was going to someone with those initials. I'm not saying who that person is though because I want it to be a surprise when she finds it in her stocking this Christmas.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Planes, pillows, aprons, etc.

After a wee break, I'm making personalized stuff again. This was for our neighbor friends who just had a little boy:

I figured the airplanes were fitting since we live next to the airport. People ask if it's annoying but I love watching the planes fly in and out. I think about all the people up there in their seats looking down and wonder if they see me down here watering my garden. Sometimes I even wave. Look for me next time you're flying into Burbank!

Here's a pillow I made for a return customer:

Speaking of return customers, my cousin's wife Becky, a dietician/kitchen wizard, commissioned me to make these:

Which I'm hoping she'll make famous one day. Check out her awesome Balanced Health and Nutrition blog for "Food, nutrition, and exercise information blended with a dash of opinion." My cousin picked a winner when he married her. She inspires me to get off this damn computer chair and go eat some veggies, do some jumping jacks, and make some aprons.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

D.I.Y. Carnival

A few months ago Sage decided he wanted a "carnival birthday." We spent the summer brainstorming ideas and today we pulled it off. We thought of all the games they have at carnivals and then Sage made his own versions. First off, there's. . .

Next up. . .

Then. . .

On to. . .

and the final game. . .

Last stop. . .

. . . then kettle corn, the swingset, a trip to the moon on the rocketship, a dip in the pool, hotdogs, presents, cupcakes, goodbyes, and a hectic but wonderful day.


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