Monday, October 29, 2007

Made by Monday - Fun with Pumpkins

Did you know that when you post a blog entry the timestamp is from when you started writing, not when you post it? Lucky for me, because I have one minute until it's Tuesday.

No sewing project pics because my studio is all in disarray (what's new?) . Instead, here's some VanHorn family fun with pumpkins:

Squishy pumpkin guts.

He's soaking in it.

Here's my pumpkin with gourds for eyes and a warty gourdy Gonzo nose and a flashing skull inside. Here it is again with Erik and Sage's pumkin, a dragon (from a template Sage found).

And this is what I made with the leftovers:

Yes, I, KB VanHorn, baked a pie. A ginger, clove, and cinnamon pumpkin pie. Mmmmm.

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