Friday, October 19, 2007

Artsy Friday - Sage's world

Sage has been drawing variations of this scene lately. Here's another:

They all have the same elements - a sun, birds, grass, trees, a boy (Sage) with a square frame around him, a line hanging down from the square, and a box off to the left side with circles in it.

It's his "favorite place" - our backyard. The square to the left is our tiny side porch that can barely hold the three chairs (two for us, one little one for him) and a flowerpot we have on it. The frame around the boy is a rusty (albeit sturdy) old clothesline and the line hanging down is his swing. It's a sorry excuse for a swing set, but he loves it.
Poor kid. When he was a baby and we were still living in West Virginia he had all this (for about 1/5 the price)

and he doesn't even remember it. They don't make land like that around these parts. Luckily, Sage doesn't feel like he's missing anything. He loves his swing and the rusty old clothesline it hangs from. It's his "favorite place."

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