Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's a new year!

Long time, no post. Those Christmas pics are looking rather sad and dated. The ornaments have long been packed away and I think I've finally gotten all the pine needles out of the carpet. 2007 is here and already looking like it's going to be an exciting year. More on that in blogs to come.

I've been steadily working on commissions but my website is looking kind of sad. I haven't updated it since November, except to note the sold items. I even have stuff ready and waiting in my studio, it's just all the picture-taking and HTML-ing that slows me down. Work sucks up a lot of my time, and then there's family and friends, playdates and parties, and sleep. I need to start scheduling more kokoleo time into the mix. I promise that by the end of this month the website will be updated with fun new stuff.

(The good thing about blogs is that when you make promises in writing like that, it really forces you to keep them.)

So this past MLK Jr. holiday weekend we slipped away to sunny, or rather, unusually frigid San Diego, California. We explored the museums of Balboa Park:

That's Sage in his pirate balloon hat and balloon sword running to slay the fountain monsters.

Here's a tree in the park. Erik is alwys taking pictures of bark and grass and roots and rocks for use as "texture maps" in his animations. So we always have a few pictures like this:

A view from the bridge that connects San Diego to Coronado, where our hotel was:

Our spooky old hotel, way better than any Best Western or the like:

Sea World!


More Shamus!

Sage fed a dolphin:

and harassed a starfish:

And rode a sea turtle (or at least it looks like he did if you cover up the two of them and just look at the turtle and their reflection):

That night we ate at a traditional Irish pub in the Historic Gaslamp District of San Diego:

And Monday we hit the San Diego Zoo which is both beautiful, and a bit sad. Poor caged creatures. Let's gawk at them while they eat and poop:

Here ends the VanHorn family vacation slide show.


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