Friday, August 10, 2007

How to make a maternity skirt

I posted this easy tutorial on Craftster today to hopefully help other pregnant crafty ladies out there. Finding maternity clothes that fit right sucks, especially toward the end when you don't want to invest a bunch of money in something you won't even be able to wear in a few weeks. Sick of being stuck in Mumus, I made myself a fancy fitted skirt last night from a nice GUESS? skirt and generic T-shirt I found at a thrift store. Stretchy shirts would work even better. Here's how to do it:

First, find a skirt you like in your pre-pregnancy size and a T-shirt that matches.

Then, cut out a space for your big 'ole belly. Take that piece and line it up with the hem of the T-shirt and cut around it about an inch extra. (Only cut one side of the shirt in case you mess up and need more.)

Now, pin your panel to your skirt making sure to line up your hem and waistband. I suggest inserting elastic into the hem at this step (not shown). Adjust for comfort. Sew.

Then sew a straight topstitch to finish it off and make it sturdy.

You can wear it two ways - across the belly or under it. I recommend wearing a shirt with it though. I added an anchor embellishment at the bottom with some leftover T-shirt material. I like this style because it maintains the fit and look of a regular skirt, yet has a compartment for your belly.

Now, please don't leave comments about my pregnant belly is "the most disgusting picture" you have ever seen or wonder why I would "subject myself to such a tasteless display" like readers of the Martinsburg Journal did when a story about how to make a belly cast was published in the newspaper when I was pregnant with Sage. Silly prudes.

If you're pregnant and want to purchase this skirt, check out Etsy in a few weeks. I won't need it anymore!


beki said...

I wish I had done this with my last pregnancy. It's one of those things that I never got around to. Disgusting belly? I think NOT! It's beautiful!! I took pictures of my belly throughout my last pregnancy and blogged about it for all the world to see. So no, no hate comments from me.

KB said...

Thanks! Yeah, those people were stupid. Bring out yer bellies, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I've just been looking for skirts cos nothing fits me and I'm only 9 weeks gone! This is just what I needed. Your belly look fab!

Anonymous said...

That's a helpful tutorial with good photos! Although I have only sewn things like curtains so far, I now feel I can do this - thank you so much. Beautiful tummy!

Anonymous said...

This was such a helpful post thank you. And trust me your pregnant belly is not disgusting. If you weren't prego now that would be another story. lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have severe endometriosis and it causes my belly to swell to where I have to wear maternity clothes on a daily basis. (It swells to about 60 inches and I am normally 28-30 inches through the fullest part of my tummy when I am not swollen.) I am always seeing normal clothes that I love, and now I can buy them and modify them to fit. So again thank you so much! Btw, your belly is beautiful and anyone that thinks otherwise is insane!

Unknown said...

I am running to Salv's (that's Salvation Army to the uninitiated) for a bunch of skirts and Ts to do this project. I have a conference in a week and need some professional garbs to wear and am NOT paying $50 + for anything! THANKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm preg and my belly doesn't look half that good; nor do my clothes. You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I think your pregnant belly is beautiful! Thank you for posting and feel good about how gorgeous your baby makes your tummy look!
: )

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing it with us (O:
I'm pregnant with #8, I wish my belly were still that pretty, lol!!!!
So, thanks for the greeeeatt tip, I'm going to try it right away, I have 10 weeks to go, but....that's 70 days and that's a lot of days to still need some cute stuff (o;
thanks again!!

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