Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Studio Tuesday - What's with the lattice?

You may have noticed the intrusion of lattice behind my work recently. It's not my favorite design solution, but it works for now. The walls of this sunporch are thin and I was told not to try to hang anything on them. Bare white walls make me uncomfortable so I picked up this large piece of lattice at the hardware store to cover it up. It keeps changing depending on what I'm working on at the time and makes for a nice inspiration trellis.

The Raggedy Anne and Andy in the right hand corner used to hang on burlap banners in my childhood bedroom. They're much happier now that I freed them from their burlap and now they're just standing there waiting for me to attach them to something better.

The monster to the left is a stick puppet I made a while ago and stuck up there one night. He looks down at me with that big goofy grin as if to say, "Hey there crafty lady, whatcha gonna make today?"

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