Friday, June 13, 2008

Artsy Friday - Lord North

Sorry for the recent deluge of kid pics. All our family and friends are on the other side of the country and sometimes I want to send them pictures showing how the kids have grown. I'm bad at email, but I can blog! Soon I will return you to your regularly scheduled kokoleo.

Today is Artsy Friday and I was looking for something around the house to post about. Instead of messing with the camera I decided to pull this one from Erik's website:

It's hanging by the front door. He painted it in 1999? I think. I remember walking into his studio in Savannah and seeing it in progress and proclaiming it was mine. This was years before Sage was born. Friends say it looks like us but he insists he didn't have that in mind when he did it. Either way, I love it.

That's not always the case. I mean, I love that he's and artist and I love how he can create something from nothing, but honestly, would you hang this over your dining room table?

Eek! I like it, but it scares me. It's not really something I want to stare at while I'm eating my spaghetti.

The first time I noticed Erik was at a party. He was wearing this ugly baseball cap with Mickey Mouse on it and dancing like a freak. I asked my friend John who that guy was and he said, "Erik VanHorn. He's actually pretty cool." I still thought he was a freak. The first time I really noticed him was at an art show at the epicenter. I fell in love with a drawing and asked my friend Jamie who the artist, Lord North, was and he pointed to the guy yelling into the microphone - Erik. The first time I really really noticed him involved my 21st birthday and bottles of Hot Damn and Southern Comfort, but I won't go there. The first piece of art he ever gave me was this:

Which is allowed to hang in our dining room.

Fast-forward 12 years and here we are in (North) Hollywood, CA with two kids and pets that aren't Koko or Leo. He's painting again. Canvases-in-progress now cover the garage. It's fun to watch. I can't wait to pick one out to keep.

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