Friday, June 20, 2008

Artsy Friday - Skylines

I got this mug at the Veteran's Thrift Store in Glendale today:

79 cents. I couldn't resist. The minute I picked it up I had flashbacks to Savannah and Charleston (South Carolina) and New Orleans and San Francisco. When I showed it to Erik he said it looked like Shepherdstown. It's all of those places rolled into one lovely mug.

What does it remind you of?

Speaking of skylines, it's Artsy Friday. That mug reminded me of this, that's hanging in our hall:

My friend Fred did it. It's titled "dis be dat for k.b." Fred and I (and Kendra and Eric [but not my Erik]) shared a house in Shepherdstown when we were in college. A few years later I was in Savannah and Fred lived 4 doors down. He made me this drawing of the Savannah skyline as a going away present. That bridge was amazing. He said it was a map/maze of my life beyond Savannah. So far it's been pretty accurate.


Anonymous said...

Pictures of coffee mugs and grocery takes are okay, but I would rather see pictures of darling children!

From: Lonesome Grandmother in OHIO.

KB said...

What, don't you love your grandmug?

Anonymous said...

it reminds me of laurium manor , a turn of the century manor with gorgeous woodland frescos painted on the walls. it's in michigan and still retains tons of original features. i would have grabbed that mug too.


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