Friday, June 06, 2008

Sage's stuff.

Sage wrote this itinerary for his playdate with Ava today:

It says:

1. run through the Sprinklers

2. get Dry

3! go to Ikea

I was going to have McKenna choose the contest winners again but she was in no mood. I didn't even ask her to. She was feverish and clingy and uncomfortable all day. Her teeth are coming in, poor girl, so Sage volunteered to pick the winners. I printed out two pages of names and told him to circle two.

He read them all and then circled bookwormdragon, because that looked cool to him, and I am Jamie Sue!, probably because he liked the exclamation point. Bookwormdragon didn't have a link, but check out Jamie Sue's neat stuff. Congrats! Email me your addresses and I will send you each a pin.

Lastly, for Artsy Friday, here's a painting Sage did:

It's a snail; inspired by our backyard, which is full of them.


Lyndsey said...

Oh my god, I love Sage so much.

KB said...

Thanks Lyndsey!

How sad is it that I had a contest and the winners never came back to claim their prizes?


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