Monday, June 23, 2008

Made by Monday - Skirts, etc.

First, for the family, I have to post this:

There, that should tide you over for a while. Now, for the rest of my readers, here are some other things I made. First, some skirts:

That one's a reversible wrap, this one has an elastic waistband:

I have some sort of fixation with Raggedy Anne, I guess. She won't leave me alone!

I made these last month:

That little girl likes to come around kokoleo every once in a while as well.

Good thing I don't have many of these all over the place. They can be dangerous:

I've had that purple and red lobster print fabric for a few years and when I found a screenprinted lobster linen napkin at a yard sale recently, I knew it was my duty to have them meet each other.

I'm sick of skirts, lets move on:

This weekend I made some hats.

I'm not quite sure they're finished yet though.

Now some shirts:

all size 6 months.

My mission this week: Get these things up on my website already, fer craftsake! All this sewing and blogging and kid-rearing is distracting me.


Gillian R said...

Happy yellow girl and her sidekick teddy is my favourite skirt. And the tree tees are just amazing. So happy! Makes me want to make one for myself..... great stuff!

Michele said...

They're adorable...but girl, when do you find time to do it all?????

Elizabeth said...

Your projects are all great, but I especially love the little tree t-shirts. Those are just awesome!

KB said...

Thanks, ladies. I loved the bright colors of those t-shirts and wanted to add something equally as cheery.

Countrygirl - I'm an insomniac. Most of my sewing is done after midnight. I'd rather sew than sleep.

Anonymous said...

Ack! those little tees are too cute!

Kim said...

Oooo, love the tree T's!
I understand the Raggedy Anne thing completely. My friend makes a sign that saids "I'm just a Raggedy Anne in a Barbie doll world"


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