Monday, June 16, 2008

Made By Monday - Mishaps

I don't have much to show for this week. Sage is out of school and it's all I can do to entertain him all day, and then clean up after all that entertaining. Books, costumes, Legos, crayons, stuffed animals, couch cusions - it's a neverending task to keep these things in their places.

Speaking of misplaced things, last month two of my personalized pillows got lost in the mail. Thankfully, the customer was a friend and was very understanding. We waited FOUR weeks until I started remaking them. Here are the originals:

I was really happy with the way they came out too, which made it even more upsetting. I managed to gather most of the same fabric and make the new ones almost identical. I cut out and stitched on all the letters and was ready to turn them into pillows when I got an email that the originals had arrived! Yay!

So then I had "Mira" and "Stella" pillowtops laying around. I mentioned it to my friend Pamela, who mentioned it to our friend Molly who happens to have a niece named Mira who just so happens to have a green and purple room. Sweet! So I found a home for this one:

Now, anyone know a Stella? I'll whip you up a kokoleo for half the price.

Speaking of the aforementioned Pamela, 3 years ago I made this for her little girl:

It went perfectly in the pink room they had set up. The only problem was that Clara came out a Sam:

Oops! Let this be a lesson to always count your testicles before they hatch, er something. Don't worry though, I eventually sent Sam a "Sam" banner and Pamela sent back the "Clara" one.

Then, at a Halloween party last year I was talking to one of Erik's co-workers and he introduced his wife and baby girl named Clara. I said, "As in, C-L-A-R-A?" and they looked at me weird and said yes. I told them the story of Sam and said I'd love to give them the banner, since it was obviously destined for their daughter.

Sometimes mishaps have happy endings.


Shananigan said...

I love your work. I am envious of your studio and the fact that you actually have craft shows to go to.. i just moved from WV to cincinnati and thought there would be more chances here.. nope.. just granny style crafts and quilts.. bummer :(

do you have any pointers for using a zipper foot on a machine?

Anonymous said...

I just met a woman the other day with a daughter named Clara and I just had to laugh. That is one of my favourite stories ever. Poor Sam. I really thought they should have named him Clarence though. That whole episdoe goes down as one of my favourite Pamela stories and there are lots of those!

KB said...

Shananigan - WooHoo for WV! You may be able to find some sort of indie craft event in Columbus (that's where my parents live). I'll let you know if I ever come across anything. Cant' help with the zipper foot though, i'm a trial and error kinda gal.

Dani, yes, any Clara I encounter will always remind me of Sam.

textile_fetish said...

Our sofa cushions do not detach. We got rid of the old sofa and loveseat and I'm so happy that phase has passed!


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