Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Retro Wednesday - For the Little People

I know I've shown our Little People village before, but tonight I gave them a sky.

I wasn't happy with the way the wall used to look behind these toys. There were cords hanging down and this ugly thing

which regulates our sprinkler. When I found that cloud print fabric I knew what I wanted to turn it into a backdrop. I measured, cut, and stitched them to fit and inserted some tension rods to hold them in place.
Much better. The kids love this area and it's nice to finally have a space for them in my studio. A collector would gasp to see how hard they are on these rare and precious toys. I don't mind. That's what toys are for, right? These particular ones have logged hours of multi-generational enjoyment. There's a grain silo that goes with the barn, but the last time I saw it Sage had packed it full of Little People and was and was flying them around the house on a "rocket ship field trip". I can't wait for them to return and see their nice new sky.


Anonymous said...

Great idea... and from the picture, the background can also look like water. Which kind of makes it look like everyone is at the lake.
I see you too had the Fisher Price "street" with all the different shops and houses. That was my favourite, still have it too. I loved delivering the big "mail" in the mail truck, imagining what each Fisher Price families and merchants would react to their mail and what was going on in their respective household.That's still what I write about in a way, isnt't it?! Anyhoo, I would let my kids play with it too... I mean, it's plastic and was intended as a pretty durable toy!

Unknown said...

Whoa you put my village to shame. I have the barn, brown tudor house, school house, and the bus. I love the way you set them up I may have to do something similar to save some space in my daughter's room!

Anonymous said...

my daughter LOVES to play with our little people too. I was just tripping over the village the other day! I used to have the garage as well, but I think that one got donated to another family or the church at some point. We have a lot of the new little people stuff too, but they have arms and legs and just aren't as fun!

Caroline said...

My grandma has that house with the slide and spinny thing and everything--it was always one of my favorite toys. And the barn, and the street scenes. But the house was my favorite, even if it was a little worn by the time it got to me through many older cousins and aunts and uncles.

KB said...

Tara, this quote cracks me up: ". . . but they have arms and legs and just aren't as fun!" Ha! So true. Plus, the new ones are noisy. Rememebr when we had to make our own noises? That was fun.

The Main Street Village, the A-frame the boat were Erik's. The house, school bus, and hospital were mine and the rest I've picked up at yard sales. We still have some we left at our parents' house too, and the kids play with those when we're there.

I want the Tudor house so these people can get some neighbors. And the Sesame Street building too - I'd love that. I've gotten outbid on it on ebay many times.

Jenna said...

the A frame and the house were my fav.! i hadn't seen those in a while and when i just looked at them it totally brought me back. i need to go thrifting for some new old toys!

Blue Monday said...

Wow! I just started to read your blog the other day, I think it's great! I love the little people! I also have the boat and the A-frame house in my craft ironic! I let customers come in and play with them, as you said....they are toys!


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