Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thrift Thursday - great big humongous giant necklaces.

Here are a few of my recent scores. The little amount of fabric I got is nothing to write home about. (That phrase should be updated and replaced with "Nothing to blog about.")

I did get this cute tray though.

I can't figure out the story. The guy is fishing, then a lady is giving him a turkey. I guess he didn't catch any fish? Also, he has tiny feet. It reminds me of something Made with Love by Hannah would like.

At the same sale, I got this:

from 1982. It was the only Collie one in a box of lots of other breeds.

Lets see, what else? I got some plants, a big spool of elastic, and some clothes for Sage. The clothes were Guess? and Diesel and Gap, some with their labels front and center. I almost passed over them because of this but Sage liked the colors and they were only $3 total. When we showed Erik he said, "The neighbors are going to think we're snobby rich folk dressing our boy like that." Ha! Label whores, we're not.

At another yard sale the woman kept telling me I had "great taste" when I inquired about her prices and then proceeded to quote ridiculously expensive amounts claiming she "just couldn't bear to part with it." Then why are you having a yard sale, lady? She did let me have this for $4 though.

Which has the added bonus of serving as a cleavage concealer. I love great big funky necklaces. This one was my mom's in the 70's:

and this one was my grandma's:

Sage loves them too and when I'm getting ready to go out he often tells me I should wear one. I rarely do though because they're so big and heavy and tend to get caught on things. Still, I like how they oversee my necklace rack and keep all the other necklaces in line.


Anonymous said...

Oooo, I want a "I heart my golden" note pad!

Anonymous said...

i think you've got me pegged! maybe they were having surf 'n' turf. or surf 'n' turkey. i need a smokey the bear sundress!

KB said...

Vanessa - I'd go back and get you a Golden one if they had one, but they didn't. just a bunch of terriers and poodles. I have a special love for Goldens too - our dog Koko was part Golden.

Hannah - Surf and Turkey - Ha! I really hope there's a picnic blanket set up somewhere in the distance because it bothers me to think that they're just going to sit down right there on the hillside and start chowing down on that turkey with their hands. Ew.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Those necklaces are funky and fun, but is that a sunburn you have? I want a sunburn!

KB said...

It does look like a sunburn, but I think it's just redness from McKenna grabbing at my neck. You could grab at your neck for a while to achieve the same results.

sugarcreekstuff said...

I like that your blog shows your creativity, and your comments gives beauty advice. I'm going to start grabbing my neck this minute!


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