Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CRAFT: party at Handmade Galleries

What, it's Wednesday already? I haven't even blogged about Sunday. I need to catch up.

Sunday afternoon I took my mom to the Handmade galleries in Sherman oaks for the CRAFT: magazine issue launch hosted by Jenny Ryan and Cathy Callahan.

As soon as I arrived Jenny said, "You have got to see this!"

It's her friend's daughter decked out in one of my Smokey the Bear sundresses.

Seriously one of the most adorable kokoleo models ever.

The gallery was really nice and the turnout for the event was great - everyone was stitching up creatures and munching on cupcakes.

My mom, the quilter, took forever with her meticulous stitches .

and ended up with a cute little snakey. Sage made a glittery alien pickle monster and I made a quick little finger puppet with felt and glue which McKenna promptly disassembled.

(photo by Jenny Ryan)

It was a nice way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

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