Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Lanas in Los Angeles

This past weekend, our friends Steve and Maureen and their girls Maggie and Olivia came all the way from West Virginia to visit us. Erik and Steve were roommates in college and years later I lived with Steve and Maureen on Main Street in Shepherdstown. Now, were all growed up with kids of our own. Here's they are on Easter morn:

My what big ears they have!

They were only here for 3 short days but we managed to cram a lot of sight-seeing and catching up in that time. Just like old days, we played darts in the garage:

and Erik and Steve (a.k.a. Run!! Paramedics) made art:

Maureen and Erik played Dance Dance Revolution:

while Steve and I played Easter Bunny:

On Sunday we treated them to a day at Disneyland (Erik works for the mouse, so it's free). Here they are on the tram:

and walking down Main Street:

which looks kind of like Shepherdstown, minus the castle in the distance. (Later, near this spot I saw Snoop Dog and his entourage walk right past me. )

Here are the kids waiting in line for the Nemo Submarine:

and on the new Pirate Island:

I forgot a hat for McKenna, so her burp cloth became her pirate do-rag:

Argh. We also went on the Pirates of the Carribbean ride (Sage's favorite), the (psychadelic) Winnie the Pooh ride, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, and Autopia. Then we went to California Adventure park:

Where the grownups enjoyed wineland and the kids enjoyed A Bug's land. Sage and Maggie are somewhere in here:

and here's the Lana family on the tram ride back to the parking lot. Aren't they beautiful?

Of course, no one can visit us without going on the Kodak Theater / Grauman's Chinese Theater/ Hollywood and Highland / Pig and Whistle tour. On Monday morning while Erik was at work I took them to downtown Hollywood:

And then, with a wave on the 101, they were gone, heading toward the beach and then to visit friends in Santa Cruz. Thanks for visiting us you guys! See you next year!


Vanessa said...

That's the cutest pirate ever!

KB said...

Arrrrrr. Thanky very much, Vanessa.

Anonymous said...

hey, blogger, we made it home. thanks for helping out with the best vacation ever. i owe you a painting for the hat-i-didn't-mean-to-steal. anyhow, i'll be in touch soon.

you guys are a huge creative inspiration for us.


paramedic b.

KB said...

Hey Steve! Glad to see you made it home intact. I'd love a painting! Sweet! I rearranged some art around the house and put one of the paintings you and Erik did in the t.v. room, by your sunflower painting. Erik's going to start sending you digital paintings to collaborate on so you two can do the Run!! Paramedics. thing west coast vs. east coast style.

We had a blast with your guys. Let's make it an annual thing.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, run!!paramedics. sounds awesome. i was thinking about doing some postcard collaborations, as well.

we miss you guys already.

pmed b.


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