Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thrift Thursday - Thank you Annette!

No thrift store scores this week. Instead of shopping, I donated a bunch of stuff to victims of the recent wildfires and I've been staying home making stuff for this weekend's Little Monster Market. Yesterday, I was working on some patchwork scarves and while I was sewing I was thinking about the first patchwork scarf I ever made. I still wear it every winter, I love it so. I made in college while I was working at the Dragonfly. Annette, the owner, put a sewing machine in the shop for us to use. When business was slow we'd mend stuff and make things with the scraps. One day I gathered up the weirdest fabric I could find (with prints of dinosaurs, lemons, horses, flowers, etc. ) and made what soon became my favorite scarf. I'd show you, but I can't find it right now.

So, I'm sitting there thinking about the Dragonfly and what a cool job that was and how Annette totally saved me from the hell of waitressing and how I learned so much about vintage clothes and fabric and thrifting from her and how all that has influenced kokoleo. Then, I heard the mailman come and I opened the door to find a package on our porch. It was from Annette!

Check out what she sent me:

Buttons! Big ones, little ones, rhinestone ones, ones shaped like apples and hearts, wooden ones, brass ones, one that says "Yes!" on it and so many more. Score!


Two wacky needlepoint pieces. Those boots remind me of a woodcut I made of my favorite boots.

Also, this:

Yay! I had this fabric before and made a few sundresses out of it which sold like hotcakes. More sundresses to come!

For Sage, this book:

Plus that awesome tooled glasses case for me. I love tooled leather, and I love painted tooled leather even more.

And for McKenna, this:

So freaking cute. Thanks Annette! How can I repay you? Not just for this stuff, but for everything you've done for me. You rock.


Anonymous said...

hi-- wow, now i am a famous blog-ette ! glad you like the stuff. i will start a new pile for you...annette

lisa {milkshake} said...

I LOVE that Raggedy Anne dress you make! Malayna wore hers as a tunic this year. I think we'll need a new one for next year, though! scam said...

This is a cool site and I wanted to post a note to tell you, nice job! Thanks, ... Love the Look


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