Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Made by. . .Tuesday

Grrrr. I missed my Monday deadline by a half an hour. Oh well, I was busy making these all day (and some last night):

31 tie accessories. That's 17 headbands, 4 chokers and 10 cuffs. I think my selection is adequately replenished now. My fingers hurt from all that hand sewing.

Tuesday's goal: Sundresses.

Wednesday's goal: Skirts.

Thursday's goal: Thanksgiving.

(It's after midnight and I just remembered that I forgot to get a pumpkin pie for Sage's Thanksgiving feast at school. Crap. Now I have to go on a pumpkin pie hunt.)


Anonymous said...

I have an extra pumpkin ice cream pie in the frezer. Too bad you live so far away. Love, MOM

Skeezix said...

Damn girl, those are awesome. I honestly don't know when you sleep though.

Anonymous said...

I love those headbands! I don't know why I don't wear headbands more, they always look so cute.

My Trendy Tykes said...

Wow, you have been busy! Everything looks great too.


KB said...


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