Friday, November 02, 2007

I did it!

I did what I challenged myself to do. During the month of October I wrote a blog post every day. That's more blog posts than I wrote in the preceding 4 months combined. It was fun! But now I'm done.

No, not done blogging. Heck, I may even keep writing every day. But if I miss a day, so be it. No pressure. Stop pressuring me! Oh wait, I was doing it to myself.

So why did I do it? One reason was to bring a little life to my poor four-posts-a-month blog. Another reason was to give our family and friends back east a chance to see pictures of our life out west. Probably the most important reason though was to exercise my brain by forcing it to write something every day. I have to put that English degree to use! Not that I think I was writing little masterpieces or anything. It was more the practice, or the process of writing that I needed. Being out of the workaday world and having needy young ones as my only audience is hard. Kokoleo and a patchwork world are what keep me from losing my mind.

What did our foremothers do? They had no blogs to read, no Flickr pictures to peruse, no online shops to set up, not to mention all the other modern conveniences we enjoy. We have it easy, really. Though at times those things can be a distraction.

(insert inner dialogue)

I need to update my website more often so I don't start losing traffic. . . I need new marketable products. . . I need to make something to show everyone on Monday. . . All these other blogs make me feel inadequate. . . My house is too messy to photograph. . . It's hard to type and nurse a baby at the same time
. . . Please just leave mama alone for one minute so I can blog about how cute you are. . . Is anyone even reading this?

Sometimes I have to tell myself - Stop. Step away from the computer. Go outside. Don't even take your camera. Just be.

and blog about it later.


Anonymous said...

I love your inner dialogue. It's one I have everyday, and manage to procrastinate most of everything I should be doing...I've become a total hermit.

Becky said...

i read it! just so you know....

KB said...

Aw thanks ladies. You are officially my two favorite people today.


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