Friday, November 30, 2007

Artsy Friday - Sewing Art

There's this store on Magnolia in Burbank called Out-of-the-Box (not to be confused with the thrift store Out of the Closet, which I love). I stopped in one day last year to see what it was like. The clothes weren't really my style, more for the middle-aged mom set (wait, I resemble that label), but the thing that really caught my eye was this:

It's a huge painting up high on the wall in the back. Unfortunately, it's not for sale. I've been back a few times just to visit it though, and the last time I was in they let me take this picture.

I've been looking for a sewing-themed work of art for my new studio (which I have yet to fully move into, more on that later). Erik says I should make one myself, and I probably will, but I like looking at other people's art too.

I fell in love with this painting I found on Flickr by Janet Karam. In fact, I love all her paintings.

On Etsy I found this print, by a seller named eepeadee. And then eBay always has some cool vintage ads and prints. I like this one.

When Michelle Caplan posted this one on Flickr, I knew I had to have it (especially since it's a one-of-a-kind.)

And now it's mine. Thanks Michelle. I love it! "Sabine" (that's what she named her) will now oversee all my seamstressing in my new studio.


Anonymous said...

for neat sewing art check out sewing posters on e-bay. Also, check out your mom's sewing room when you are home. I have plenty and no wall space left! Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

thanks for featuring my print.. just wanted to let you know i now sell under LadyLotus.etsy .. take care, !
aka eeepeadee scam said...

This is a cool site and I wanted to post a note to tell you, nice job! Thanks, ... Love the Look


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