Friday, November 16, 2007

Artsy Friday - Jamie Zollars

Check out this cool onesie Jamie Zollars sent McKenna soon after she was born.

How cool is that? We have friends and family who didn't even respond to our email birth announcement with a simple "Congrats!" or "Welcome!" but Jamie remembered I was (very) pregnant at the last Felt Club show and checked my blog to see when she was born and then sent us this. What a sweetheart! Thank you Jamie!

I love Jamie's work. The first time we did a show together I bought one of her cards to frame and put in Sage's room. At the last show I bought this one for McKenna's room.

Last night I was reading one of our favorite magazines, Juxtapoz , and came upon this near the front:

It's and ad for an art show at the CoproNason Gallery in Santa Monica where Jamie's show "Melancholia" is on display. I said to Erik, "Hey, I know that girl! She sent McKenna that cool shirt you liked." He was impressed that I have such a cool craft show friend. Thanks again Jamie! You rock.

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