Friday, March 27, 2009

8 Days Around L.A. (with kids): Day 7 - Kidspace

As if my kids weren't getting enough kidspace these days, today I took them to another one - Kidspace Children's Museum near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I can't believe we've lived here this long and have never been there before. Sage played on the playground beside it years ago but I guess I didn't notice it? It's pretty inconspicuous. From the outside, it looks like a preschool or bathrooms or something.

The entrance though, is anything but inconspicuous. It's a stained glass patchwork mosaic of awesomeness:

This part is free - go see it! Take lots of pictures. Next time we go there I'm going to bring the good camera and spend more time in the hallway.

Here are those dinosaurs we were looking for yesterday:

McKenna's like, "Oh look, another completely surreal environment."

This was a bug cafe':

In this place. . .

they had real bugs (behind glass). We saw spiders and bees and beetles and scorpions and lizards (with tails).

This area reminds me of A Bug's Life land in California Adventure park, only more educational and less Disney-fied.

Of course, I had to take a picture of this patchwork tile work:

We climbed stuff:

And made crafts.

Sage made that Astroidman and I made that footed puffball creature. Remember those, from the 70s? I want to start making those for kokoleo now and bring the fad back. I'm glad I got a picture of this because we lost the puffball creature and the ink that said "Asteroidman" came off on my hand and McKenna decapitated Asteroidman and tried to eat him. We also lost one of McKenna's shoes. Apparently mama needs to stop taking so many pictures and pay attention to her belongings.

Outside, they have a bike course:

Okay, we're back inside now, are you keeping up with us? They also have a great science lab, set up like an oldschool classroom.

Here's Sage smelling sage:

On the way out we saw this, which we weren't quite sure was meant for kids, but it is:

Then we went to the giftshop and adopted caterpillars. "Adopted" is way different than "bought," so I'm not going to count this as a thing. We're just fostering them until they become butterflies.


hravenscroft said...

Very cool, this looks like a lot of fun! I would love to see the tar pits, and when I buy a house, I want a tile wall like the one in this post.

KB said...

Me too! I wish I had gotten better pictures of it.

Anonymous said...

KB you are the best mom ! i feel like taking a nap just from reading about your week ! hope you could use some of that stuff i sent. coming east this summer ? ...annette


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