Monday, March 02, 2009

Made by Monday: A Resolution

I'm not going to buy any thing this month. By thing I mean anything that's not food or drink. Maybe next month I'll give up drinks, and if the economy hasn't improved any by June, I might just have to give up food too, but for now I'm just cutting out things. Who needs things anyway? I have enough to last me a while.

This means no yard sales, no thrift store visits, no little trinkets for the kids. Also, this resolution only applies to me, Erik can spend all he wants (though he's never been a big shopper before so I doubt he'll start now.) I'm going to try my best to stick to it too, and hopefully teach the kids (and myself) the difference between want and need.

This resolution doesn't, however, apply to the $555.85 check we wrote to Bob's Rooter and Plumbing today, after our sewage line backed up in our front yard. Sewage in your yard is just something you can't ignore. It seems things aren't shitty enough for us right now, so the earth decided to spew forth some more.

It also doesn't apply to the $1 I'm going to spend tonight when I get to play Tooth Fairy for the first time ever, because a first lost tooth is a very important thing and the Tooth Fairy can spare a buck for one excited little boy.


Blue Monday said...

ironically I just decided that for the month of March I would not purchase any fabric. (unless it is for an order that has pre-paid!) I am right there with you! This is going to be a little tough but the outcome will be great! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Why oh why, does plumbing have an evil mind of its own? It doesn't ever break, clog or leak when you have some extra money. It loves to cause trouble, right after you've closed escrow, the day after you've moved into a new place, on xmas eve when you have 30 people over for dinner, or on a holiday sunday!

So sorry you've had to deal with this CRAP!

KB said...

Amen to that Susie. When we were moving from WV to L.A. 4 years ago, just a few minutes before we were about to get on the road, our loaded-up truck collapsed through the ground and into our septic tank. This recent crapfest wasn't so bad compared to THAT!


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