Sunday, July 01, 2007

... and we're back.

We survived! Man, Las Vegas is OVER THE TOP. Everything is HUGE and ornate and sparkly and a replica of something else. The sound of slot machines is still ringing in my ears and the smell of smoke is still stuck to my clothes. After four days of excess it's good to be home. It was fun though. This was our hotel-home last week:

and our view of the strip at night:

Here I am with my big belly at the top of the Stratosphere overlooking the strip:

I won $98 on a penny slot machine here:

And we won $121 on Roulette here:

. . . but then we proceeded to lose it all at all the other casinos. Oh well, at least we broke even. You can see the whole Vegas slideshow on my Flickr album if you like.

Viva Las Vegas!


Anonymous said...

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