Saturday, July 21, 2007

East Meets West

My cousin Andy and his wife came to visit this week. We hadn't seen them since their wedding two years ago where Sage was their dinosaur-carrying ring bearer.

So little! Here he is now all grown up with Andy and Becky in front of the Mann Chinese theater.

Andy and his doppleganger Matt Damon's handprints; Sage and Shirley Temple:


I love taking visitors on the Hollywood tour. I amaze them how easily I, little ole girl from West Virginia, zip up and down Sunset Blvd., Melrose Ave., Santa Monica Blvd., etc. as well as scary L.A. freeways. I've come a long way. So has Andy, a West Virginia country kid now living in our nation's capital and working for NBC.

After seeing lots of Hollywood, we scoured Burbank for the 7-11 that was rumored to have been transformed into a Simpsons-themed. . .

This was my favorite part:

Ha! We weren't, however, crazy enough to wait in the big long line to get in. It's still just a 7-11 people!

Later we met Becky's brother and his wife for dinner where Sage, once again, impressed Becky, a nutritionist (visit her blog here), with his willingness to eat anything put before him.

Now, everyone else - come visit us! We miss our east coast friends and family.

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