Sunday, June 24, 2007

Leaving for Las Vegas

No new posts for a little while longer - we're leaving for Las Vegas Monday morning. Erik and I are going to have our first vacation sans Sage and live it up a little (as much as a 7 months pregnant gal can) before the baby gets here. My mom flew in from Columbus, Ohio on Thursday to spend a week with her grandson. She even helped me hold a yard sale this Saturday where I managed to get rid of a ton of stuff. A friend told me it was very "Circle of Life" that I was having a yard sale, seeing as how I'm usually the one attending them. I sold stuff cheap cheap cheap and it felt good to see people leave happy. Hopefully, I increased my bargain-finding-karma a bit and made $96 bucks to boot! Now I'm off to gamble it all away. . . wish me luck!


Unknown said...

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