Wednesday, July 11, 2007

There are monsters in my garage.

Once in a blue moon my fabric stash starts to grumble and growl. It usually comes from the fake fur/fleece section. I pull out the offending fabric and let it speak to me. Last night, this purple fur said, "Make me into two monsters with long legs and arms made of fleece and horns made of naugahyde."

When monster parts speak, I must oblige. Introducing: These guys!

And this one too.

They are currently hanging out in my garage getting psyched up for Felt Club. Here's a sneak peak:

It's taken a little MacGyvering, but I think I have my best kokoleo display ever figured out. The space is tight- 6ft. by 4 ft. - and my belly is large so I had to get it totally streamlined and ready to go ahead of time. Also, I have a LOT of stuff.

The thing in the middle is a 4-tiered circular necktie accessory display atop a lazy Susan. It spins! Come visit me at Felt Club and spin for yourself!


Unknown said...

those monsters sure are cute, for monsters!! :P scam said...

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