Monday, June 04, 2007

Made by Monday June 4th

I have a bunch of projects in production, but not many finished ones to show for this week.

I've been trying a few different headband styles for a while now and these are my favorite so far:

They're made of vintage neckties embellished with vintage appliques. The each have a matching cuff as well.

Also, I finally cut into this super-cool vintage Smokey the Bear bedspread I got at the Rose Bowl Flea Market over a year ago. I hope to get a couple little girl sundresses out of it, and maybe a wrap skirt and tote bag too if I'm lucky. Any leftover critters will go into embellished shirts like this one:

I made two of these in grownup sizes medium and extra large. I just love the color and graphic design of the animals. It reminds me of Mary Blair of oldskool Disney fame.

Goals for the week ahead: Finish personalized commissions, make some Smokey the Bear stuff, make more headbands and cuffs, and update the website.

Goal for Tuesday: Survive jury duty at the L.A. Courthouse. Ugh.

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