Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Leafy Weekend

This weekend's yard sale excursions seemed to have a running theme - a leafy theme. It started with this:

I'm not quite sure what kind of plant it is and neither was the seller, but for 10 bucks I was glad to lug it home to brighten an otherwise dreary spot in our yard.

At the next yard sale I scored this:

Like I really need anything to accentuate my ever-expanding cleavage, but it's a real leaf dipped in gold! I always wanted one, not necessarily this gigantic, but oh well. It was only $3.

The last yard sale yielded these for 50 cents each:

And that evening we took the dog and the kid to hike in Runyon Canyon where we saw lots of real live leaves.

Sunday morning, Sage and I ventured into downtown Hollywood for the Hollywood Farmers Market. I can't believe we've lived here for over 2 years and today was our first time attending it. We had a nice brunch on the samples alone. They even have a little crafty section where I got to meet Doris from I Can Fly designs. Sage has a monkey-on-a-tricycle shirt she made that I just love. Also, I finally got some new herbs for my garden. Check out all these different types of basil:

There's lemon, spicy globe, leafy, Thai, opal, Greek, cinnamon and arugula (not a basil). I also got a white sage and a purple one, some marjoram and savory. Now, let's see if I can just keep the @*%# snails away from them.

Finally, here's a picture I shot today of Leo and Kali. They're more loafy than leafy.

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