Thursday, March 03, 2011


I get on these kicks where I manically make a bunch of one thing. This past February my thing was sundresses.  Last year at some point I spent a lot of time cutting out sundress parts but never assembled them so I made it a point to tackle that pile and turn them into wearable kokoleos. Here's one, made from my favorite long gone Smokey the Bear fabric: 


I even got inspired to seek out some new fabric and cut out and sew some more. One day, during a thrift store adventure, McKenna pulled a Disney princess pillowcase off the rack and said, "Will you make this into a dress for me?"  Disney princesses used to make me cringe in feminist horror and though I still try to limit the amount of it that comes into our house, I couldn't deny the fact that graphically, that pillowcase would make a rad dress. So I relented and made her this:

and then made this one to sell.

and then I made a couple of these. 

Disney will probably sue me soon, I'm sure, since they seem to have a thing against their clothes and toys being manufactured in America. I can't deny the fact that little girls love princess dresses though, so I want to give them an alternative to the Made in China kind.

When I was McKenna's age, I was into Sesame Street:

(Made from my all-time favorite fabric that I blogged about here.)

and Raggedy Anne:

and Holly Hobbie:

She likes them too, but off all the sundresses I was making in my studio last month, when she saw me sewing these:

she asked if she could have one. Of course I said yes and now she's good to go in the kokoleo sundress department for a while. The rest can go to other little girls. 

To see the rest of the dresses, check out my Etsy store I'm in the process of moving all my inventory over there. In the past couple years they've grown by leaps and bounds and created a very user-friendly handmade hub.   Don't forget to become a fan of kokoleo on Facebook for sneak peaks, studio news, and discount codes!


Becky said...

LOVE the Holly Hobby's similar to the HH wallpaper I had in my room growing up.
Also LOVE the Picasso dresses....any chance you'd make one for a big girl who's a size 10 or so?

Caroline said...

I had that Little Mermaid sheet set (and comforter!) when I was a kid. Love love love!

KB said...


Becky, I will check to see if I have enough fabric and get back to you.

Caroline - that's why I love making sundresses like these - it takes people back to their own childhoods. When McKenna wears her dresses around town we always get strangers coming up to us saying, "I used to have those sheets! I haven't seen them in years!" :)

Unknown said...

those are so adorable! my daughter is 17 now, i would have loved to have made these for when she was little...

make sure to post the link on the 'link party' link so your picture will show up in my blog post, that way people will click and come see your awesome site! thanks for visiting my site!

KB said...

Thanks Kathy!

Becky said...

That would be great, thanks.
For spring break this year we are doing a daytrip to Richmond to see the big Picasso show. She's a huge fan of his and I know she'd love a dress if you have enough fabric.
But if you don't have enough, maybe a groovy summery top?

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Lovely dresses, I loved it very much. Thanks fro sharing...

Lela said...

I had a Holly Hobbie sleeping bag when I was little! I loved it so much that my babysitter gave me her old doll to match it. I love that fabric. And I kind of love the Ariel one too... said...

The chap is definitely just, and there is no doubt.


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