Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Studio Tuesday - Design-It-Yourself Tooth Pillow

It's teeth-losing time!

Sage has this weird (but normal, I'm told) thing going on where his adult teeth start coming in before the baby ones fall out. He must be part shark. When the first tooth fell out we weren't prepared with a tooth pillow for the occasion. Luckily, I had mine from waybackwhen and he used it. Last week, when his second tooth started getting loose I told him to design himself a new tooth pillow. Here's what he came up with:

After our Sesame Street Body exhibit excursion on Wednesday (it must have inspired us to make our own crazy creature) we started assembling it. I cut out the shapes, he assembled them, and I guided it through the sewing machine while he stepped on the presser foot. Then he stuffed it:

and I stitched up the hole. Viola! A hungry drooly crazy-eyed tooth monster!

His mouth doubles as a pocket for the money. I also added a tiny tooth pocket inside the mouth to keep the tooth safe.

It fits nicely on his bed rail, easily accessible to the Tooth Fairy who visited Sunday night.

This gave me an idea (my kids inspire all my best ideas). . . I bet other kids would like to design their own tooth pillows too - I should offer this service on kokoleo. So today I updated my (sadly barren) monster shop to offer a Design your own Monster and Design your own Tooth Pillow service. I can't wait to see what kids come up with. Grownup designs are welcome too - I'm an equal-opportunity monster-maker.


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