Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thrift Thursday - Miscellaneous

I got these vintage stars (is that the proper quilting term?) at a North Hollywood estate sale last weekend. Two dollars for over 50 of them. I've already used 3. I'll show you on Monday.

Today I had to drive to Glendale to redeem my 50% off coupon at (@#$%^$!) JoAnn Fabrics. I can't go there without also visiting my old thrifting haunts. At the Family Store on Brand Blvd. I got this:

Erik told me it's "cheating" to buy a souvenir from some place other than the object's origin. I couldn't help it with this one. Birds! A skyline! San Francisco! We've been there twice and had a blast both times. This mug reminds me of those times. Nevermind that I got it in Glendale.

I also got this unopened kit from 1973:

The yarn colors are all burnt orange, mustard yellow and olive green. What was the fascination with those colors back then? As much as I love vintage needlework, I don't have the patience to follow the pattern that came with it. Besides, I kinda just like the print all by itself.

On the agenda for Saturday, these Craigslistings:

Garage sale, Saturday April 19, 7:00-1:00. 524 N Cordova St, Burbank. Near Verdugo and Hollywood Way. Lots of great things for sale. Household items, children's books, clothing, vintage fabric, fabric for quilters, TV's, Ping left handed golf clubs, etc. Everything is priced to sell quickly because everything must go!! Many items only 25cents.

Huge Charity Sale! Furniture, antiques, crafting supplies, owl paraphernalia, clothes, toys, movies, scrapbooking materials, vintage jewelry & fabric, books and lots of other cool stuff. Saturday, April 19th, 8am-2pm at 1200 Alameda Avenue, Glendale, CA.


Anonymous said...

I could make a really nice quilt out of all those stars! Wish I had been with you and seen them first!
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

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KB said...

I would have split them with you mom. That is, if you were with me. But you weren't. So they're mine, all mine!

As for computadores. I hate getting all excited over a comment and then seeing that it's just some stupid spammer. I'll leave it though because it makes me look more popular than I really am. Thanks computadores! My new best friend. You are likeable and very interesting too.

Anonymous said...

nice post

Anonymous said...

Hah, your reply to computadores cracked me up. I was just going to leave a quick little comment about how cute that kit was but how do you top the fact that computadores is your new best friend?! :D

KB said...

Well, computadores was my best friend, but then anna came along and took his (its?) place. But you, Vanessa, leave them both in the dust. Yay for real live people!

Anonymous said...

Another real life person! This is the first time I come across your blog- woah! You are very cool- you too see the pleasure to be had in modest souvenirs bought somewhere else than the place they come from. You, my dear, are an original thinker- not everybody sees beauty and interest in this little "mundane" things. And you're witty- I'm sure to be back- come by my website if you get a chance- I would feel privileged-

Anonymous said...

Actually, just another post since I was so excited I spelled my name wrong in the previous comment....maybe I should get a bot like computadores, it would spell my name right! also, must stop reading your blog at work.

KB said...

Okay, since chantal posted TWICE she is the official best friend of this blog post. Apologies to Vanessa and the robots.


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