Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Retro Wednesday - Organization

I was searching among my books this evening for some Retro Wednesday inspiration and came across this Woman's Day magazine from 1969.

Do they even still publish Woman's Day? (excuse me while I Google it) Yes, it appears they do. Do ladies my age buy it? I've always thought of it as a magazine for my mom's generation. McKenna will probably feel the same way about my Bust magazines. Maybe she'll even blog about its retro-ness 30 years from now.

Anyway, I was flipping through it, past all the ads for cigarettes and douches (obviously a woman's day was filled with a lot of smoking and douching back then), I came across this article showing 100 Ways To Stretch Your Storage Space, which is a topic I've been tackling in my studio lately.

A lot of their suggestions involve pegboards and contact paper. This picture shows a cute little kitchen setup. That's nice for back then, but I know from experience that having a kitchen that was last updated in 1969 is not so cute.

For closets and shelves, they recommend using dividers, small shelving units, and various boxes to maximize space. Of course it's all bright and funky too.

I actually rediscovered this article after I had taken these pictures of my new corner setup in my studio. Maybe I was somehow subliminally inspired by it? Or maybe I just have a bunch of funky old stuff. Check it out:

My mom and I found this shelf at a thrift store when she was here last month. I like the patchworkiness of it. The lower levels are perfect for all our vintage Little People, making it a nice play nook for the kids. The upper shelves house various vintage containers I've collected over the years (filled with various sewing supplies I've collected over the years). Despite looking like it's going to topple over on that poor child at any moment, it's very sturdy and soon-to-be bracketed to the wall.

This new space lacks any closets or walls that can be hammered into, so finding the right storage and shelving units has been like piecing together a crazy puzzle. I think it's finally starting to come together. Now I just have to remember which box I put what things in.


sugarcreekstuff said...

Do you place that adorable baby in your shots for extra cuteness? I have been on a quest for sturdy used shelving. I love yours.
I never had any of the fisher price playsets as a kid but suffered from fp envy. I have collected them for years now at garage sales, my kids no longer play with them, hubbie thinks we should get rid of them, I don't want to tell him they are actually for me.

Unknown said...

Yes very nice idea of Shelving especially with today’s modern space-saving computers and TV’s. Yes it works well. I like the look and you can get those at just about any home improvement store for a whole lot less.

KB said...

sugarcreek - yeah, those Little People are as much for me as they are for the kids. All their new-fangled toys stay in their rooms,but I'll let these stay in my studio.

Yacoob - way to spam there Spammy McSpammerson. My thrift store shelves are way cooler than your boring industrial crap.


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