Sunday, July 22, 2007

Something for everyone. . .

I haven't had much luck with yard sales lately, but this weekend restored my faith in bargain hunting. I didn't find anything too amazing, but did manage to find a little something for everyone in the family.

For me:

Not necessarily to be worn together, although they do match pretty well. Hopefully they'll fit when my body returns to normal. I also got a vintage Dymo label maker and a small unicorn pin with rainbow-colored mane and a cursive V in gold on it's chest.

For kokoleo:

They will soon be chopped up and turned into who knows what. I also got a needlepoint Sagittarius piece from the 70's that will probably become a purse.

For Erik:

50 cents. Yeah, I spoil him.

For Sage:

A lady gave him this robot for free because he fell in love with it. It drives around and talks via remote control. He named it Robbie and it's his new best friend.

For the baby:

Sage and I agreed that it will look nice in her room. Now all she needs is a bedroom to put it in.

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