Monday, June 01, 2009

Santa Monica Swap-O-ramarama was awesome-awesome!

Unfortunately that's the extent of the pictures I took. That, and this awesome car that was outside the museum.

I was too busy to stop and take pictures during the event. I did snag some that Lori, the organizer posted though. Check 'em out. . .

and this collage, put together by the folks at the Santa Monica Museum of Art:

For three hours the place was buzzing with creativity. Screen printing, monster making, machine felting, appliques, and clothing alteration out the wazoo! I did manage to get a little something for myself this time, thanks to Aldo on the screen printing stage:

and this one for Sage:

Yep, I'm definitely an L.A. recycler. I do it every day when I gather up fabric and sewing notions and clothing at estate sales and thrift stores across the city and bring them into the kokoleo studio to be transformed into pillows and purses and sundresses and appliqued clothing and whatever else they inspire me to turn them into. Then I send these things back out into the world to enjoy a new life. No mass production here. One-of-a-kinds have more soul. I may not be getting rich off them, but I'm doing my part to remake America.

The next swap will be held during the Renegade show on July 11th. I'll be there helping people alter and applique. If you're in L.A., come check it out!

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