Monday, June 15, 2009

Let's go hiking.

This time last week I was sitting around a campfire with Erik at Sequoia National Park (the kids were finally asleep), under gigantic trees with gigantic mountains in the distance. Now we're back home. The clothes and blankets have all been washed and the pictures all uploaded. Operation impromptu vacation has been accomplished, now we're back to normal life with computers and washing machines and commission work and errands and entertaining children to fill our time. I haven't stopped and stared at a tree in days.

But last week we stopped and stared at trees - big humongous thousands-of-years-old trees, and mountains like you wouldn't believe. It's good for the soul to go see things you never knew existed - to stare at them and crawl in them and climb them and take pictures. That's what we did last week. Here are some of those pictures:

(Did you see Sage in there?)

(Did you see the potato chip truck in there?)

. . . and now we're back. You can see the whole slideshow in my Flickr album, though you might want to take some Dramamine first.


Jenny said...

beautiful pictures kb!!! i so want to go there!! fun times!! thanks for sharing!

hi, i'm kat. said...

looks like it was so peaceful, and i am very impressed you guys did it for a week! absolutely beautiful!

KB said...

Thanks ladies! Actually it was just Sunday - Wednesday, three nights total - the perfect amount of time.


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