Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thrift Thursday - Yay for shopping!

Yay, March is over! And so is my resolution not to shop. I did pretty well, all things considered. I do have to fess up to buying band-aids, light bulbs, (the darkness in the bathroom was irritating and they were on sale) , and I threw a few things into the cart at BigLots like shampoo and nice new 400 thread count sheets (but Erik was the one who swiped the debit card so that doesn't count). I also got these shirts for the kids from the Sesame body exhibit:

They were our only store-bought souvenier from our 8-day excursions - 2 for $20. . . not available in stores. . . plus, they're organs with eyeballs! Where else can you find organs with eyeballs? (When Erik saw them he said, "Um, that's kinda gross.")

I didn't, however, buy myself clothes or cosmetics or or books or junky toys for the kids. I didn't step foot in a mall or thrift store. Instead, I spent the month getting rid of stuff. Sage learned that if he wanted something he had to spend his own piggy bank money, and he spent that money judiciously. McKenna didn't even notice the lack of new things. She's just as content with an empty box as she would be with anything that costs money. We spent the money we saved on all those excursions and a few nice dinners. I think we'll remember those more than any thing.

But! on April 1st I was excited to be able to shop again. I hit my 3 favorite thrift stores in one afternoon and found a few cute things at each. Like these skirts for me:

($15 total) and this shirt:

(GAP, $3.99) And a few things for McKenna, including this outfit:

(Talbots kids, $3.50) and this jacket:

(Pumpkin Patch $3.99). I also got a pair of new-with-tags Steve Madden sandals ($4.99), and 5 pairs of reading glasses (to make into jewelry) for $1 each, and I found a few books that I knew Sage would like. The kid loves books - it's hard to pass up hours of enjoyment when it's only 50 cents. Oh, and I found a brand new kid's croquet set for $6.

I felt like the most extravagant person in the world and I only spent about $50. You're welcome, economy.


erin said...

Thrift SCORE! You got some awesome stuff. Congrats on following through with your commitment to NOT shop. That takes some serious willpower. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me at PatchworkUnderground, btw. =)

Thrift on....

Amblus said...

Yay, you made it! And you got some great deals. I'm trying to not shop for the month of April, so we'll see how that goes.

I've loved reading all your "around LA with the kids" posts. Fun!

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