Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to make a Bunny (then a Kitty) Cake

One last Easter craft, brought to you by Sage.

I'm always surprised that there are some people who don't know how to make a bunny cake. I thought everyone did it at Easter time. I've been making them for as long as I can remember and now Sage is continuing the tradition. This year we used carrot cake (our great aunt Betty Crocker's recipe). Use the batter to make two round cakes and let them cool.

Then, cut one of the cakes like this:

And make those pieces the ears and the bow tie:

Then ice it and make a face with whatever you find in your cupboard. They come out different every time. Here's what Sage created this year:

We ate the bow tie and half of each ear first, then turned it into a Kitty Cake.

Later it became a smiley face. Right now it's Pac-Man.

Hope you had a happy Easter!


Niena said...

Your cake is sooo cute. Im sure ur kids have so much fun baking it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember two years in a row you made bunny cakes for your boy friends family and NOT for us!

Love, MOM

P.S. Please tell Sage we loved his creation! I bet the carrot cake was a great addition. Also, your quiches looked good a few days ago. Why don't you cook like that when we visit?!

KB said...

Because you cook better!


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