Thursday, April 23, 2009

A cape and an apron

Reconnecting with old friends on Facebook has nearly doubled my commission business since last year. Plus, since friends are sharing pictures of their kokoleo stuff, their friends are finding out about kokoleo too and sending more business my way. Yay for social networking! Are you a fan of kokoleo? Become one on Facebook and you'll get a Facebook Fan discount, see the new stuff I'm working on, and find out about secret sales. Plus! I'll love you forever.

Speaking of Facebook friend commissions, I made this cape for my Shepherdstown friend Liz's daughter Drew (a.k.a. Super Drew).

Here's McKenna modelling it:

I'm now offering them as an option in my Personalized shop. Thanks for the inspiration Liz!

Another Facebook friend (and former ice hockey rival from Wheeling) commissioned me to make this reversible apron for her stepmom:

Her stepmom Robyn was best friends with my good friend Stewart's mom, who passed away from breast cancer last fall. Jenny wanted me to make an apron inspired by their friendship - one side would be for Robyn who owns the famous fresh fruit and veggie Wheeling establishment Jebbia's Market, and the other side would be Janie inspired. Anyone who knew Janie knew that her favorite things (besides her family) were hearts, gourmet food, wine and chocolate. She was the quintessential hostess who loved being surrounded by family and friends.

It ended up being one of the harder commissions I've done (even these paragraphs have been hard to write) not because the sewing was difficult, but because it made me sad. I kept having to step away from it. It took me a while to find the right fabric combination but finally, after my mom sent me the heart and chocolate print (pocket) fabric from her stash, it came together and I felt like it was something Janie would have loved. So, in honor of Mrs. Altmeyer, no more tears. Cheers! To good food and good friends.


Anonymous said...

Janie was my friend too and I am proud to have a small part in this creation honoring this special woman. P.S. My face is dripping with tears as I write this.

Love, MOM

Jenny said...

KB - Robyn LOVED the apron!! She was floored when I gave it to her when we arrived in Mexico on her birthday!! It was the perfect gift!

Thanks so much again! I will be sure to get a pic of her in it when I am home for Memorial Day.

It is just fabulous!

We are swine flu free as well!! hehe!!

Talk soon....


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