Thursday, February 19, 2009

Me and my desk.

Did you ever have one of those pieces of furniture you hated, but you held onto because you had to? Over time you occasionally inquire about better versions of that important piece of furniture, but nothing is the perfect one you've been looking for, so you pass. Then one day, out of nowhere, you find it. It's THE ONE. And, it's ON SALE. I love days like that. I live for days like that.

That's how I got my new desk. My old desk was awful. I hated it. It was all fake wood printed particle board and black painted metal. The bottom shelf where we kept all the paper was open for the kids to ransack, the keyboard shelf was rickety, and it just screamed BOUGHT FROM WALMART 15 YEARS AGO to me. I hated it. Did I mention that?

I was going to post this picture with the Christmas photos:

but I didn't because A. I look kinda ugly, and B. we look like we live in a dump, and C. I was embarrassed by my ugly desk. It's pretty bad when your ugly furniture inhibits your ability to share memories over the internet. It's not that I couldn't have gotten a nicer desk over the years; I saw plenty of desks that were nicer, just none that I really loved. I like to love my stuff. Apparently though, I'll live with something I hate until I find the thing I love.

I love my new desk.

It has compartments for pens and pencils and scissors and staples and tape and mints and hand sanitizer - all the things it's nice to have right there together in front of you.

It has two drawers - one for stamps and all things postal

and one for all those little notepads I used to have scattered around the house.

It has shelves for our cameras and printers and pictures and knick-knacks, a kokoleo bookkeeping section, and a space in the middle for the computer monitor.

It didn't, however, have a place for all our paper. But when we bought it (for $23) , underneath it was an almost-matching vintage wooden sturdy two-drawer cabinet on wheels (for $7), so we got it too.

It now holds paper and envelopes all nice and neat and rolls out to be our scanning station.

I love it. Did I mention that? A mere $30 bought me a whole bunch of happiness.

Now for a new chair...


S said...

Damn. That's a sweet desk. I have lived with a desk I've hated embarassingly long time. I'm finally taking an opportunity, when we move this time, to junk it. I then will be deskless, but that's actually preferable to continuing to live with this monstrosity, which is perfectly serviceable (except for the bit that one of the legs is essentially made up of a stack of books), but terrible in so many ways. And then the universe can present the perfect desk to me, since the desk-space in my life will have been freed up. Yes. This is what will happen.

KB said...

ha! It will. It might take 15 years, but it WILL happen.

Andrea B. Williams said...

You said all things postal, but I don't see the gun.

jmb_craftypickle said...

I know what you mean...great desk, I guess now there is hope for the rest of us!


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