Monday, February 23, 2009

Made by Monday - Obnoxious and Ridiculous

I guess I have a weird sense of humor. I enjoy making things that are kind of obnoxious sometimes.

I don't like hunting but I do like irony. Somehow, somewhere, I acquired a box of NRA patches. I almost threw them away because they make me feel creepy with their great big capital letters promoting a gun-loving lifestyle. I decided to work with that creepiness though, and juxtapose them with opposites of deadly.

I'm really not a violent person, I swear, but splatter painting is fun. I have a whole box of patches that I get out and look at from time to time. Sometimes one jumps out and begs me to do something with it. I turned this one into a roadside sign:

and made the bill a road.

This one makes me laugh because I imagine whoever wears it will keep getting called "Nancy."

What's up, Nancy?

I sewed ties to this one, and painted the bill with nail polish:

I stitched them on with on a machine. It's hard sewing ties to a hat on a machine. I sometimes force my machine to do things only an industrial machine should do. I added these hats to the kokoleo Guys shop yesterday. Someday soon I'll add the shirts I've been working on.

I made this eyeglass necklace for my friend Matty, a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training, to put in his fund raising auction.

It's the logo for Fog City Wrestling, where the event is going to be held. I don't know jack about wrestling, but I hope some wrestling fan will buy it for his lady friend and raise Matty some money. I threw that card and packaging together in Photoshop last week to make it look semi-professional. I made these lovely ladies last week and stuck them on cards too:

20% of the proceeds from the sale of these earrings will go to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure breast cancer fund.

These images were taken from some "bust developer" course that was being advertised in an old Ladies Home Journal. I wonder what these ladies are doing now? I hope their boobies are doing well.

Honestly, I'm not always so bawdy. I can do sweet and cute too like these personalized pieces I did over the last few months:

See? They're not the least bit offensive or ridiculous.


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