Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes We Did!

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? What an inspiring night! I feel good about our future now. I'm not going to be naive and think that Captain Obama will swoop down and instantly FIX IT, but I'm confident that a movement has started and we all will have a part in making America great again.

I think my favorite part about these past few months is distributing my Obama bottle cap pins, barrettes and magnets. I sold about 35 and donated $50 to the campaign, then gave out over 100 to random strangers around town. A batch of 12 went to to the Obama headquarters (to give to their volunteers) and the rest went to anyone who commented on the one I was wearing, or who I happened to notice wearing an Obama shirt, or who I simply overheard talking up Barack. It's fun to give gifts to unsuspecting strangers.

One I sold on Etsy got lost in the mail so I sent another. When the customer wrote to tell me that the lost one arrived and she would return it, I said she should keep it because Pennsylvania needed it more than California. As a thank you, she sent me one of her awesome handmade buttons. Sweet crafty karma!

I hope we keep up this spirit of camaraderie and can reign in the naysayers soon. Let's all hop on the Straight Talk Express and put Country First and work to achieve the CHANGE WE NEED because Yes, We Can!

(Sorry about that cavalcade of catch-phrases. The election season warped my brain cells.)


Amy said...

I am with ya. Now is the time to come together. I love the p;ay on catchphrases.

Anonymous said...

it was so nice meeting you again today! hopefully we can keep in touch and i hope to see you at felt club coming up.

and yes yes obama!!! wish prop 8 had been shot down though (bummed about that) scam said...

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