Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day anxiety

I'm HOPEful, but nervous. I remember how devastated I was in 2004 when Dubya got reelected, so I'm not going to "measure the drapes" quite yet. For a while, I lost faith in the ability of our country to come together. I worried that we would always at the mercy of a government that divided us and continued to make decisions that hurt it's citizens. This year, however, I've been inspired.

I know, without a doubt that I made the right choice in the voting booth today. I have full confidence that my candidate can bring the CHANGE WE NEED to our country. I have been impressed with the Obama campaign, always staying on message and taking the high road in the face of so much negativity. I have been moved by the sight of citizens working together to take back our country to make it respectable again. I am happy to see the anti-intellectual movement losing ground. We need to have some smart people in charge for a change.

Fingers crossed, prayers said, vote cast. . . there's nothing left to do but hurry up and wait.


Rebecca Kendig said...

We won!!!!!!!!!! I am so, so, so very happy! Thank you for all the work you did on the Obama campaign--it worked!

KB said...

Yay! Who knew bottle caps could change the world?! haha

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