Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thrift Thursday - Sage has a stylist.

Last Saturday I found an awesome garage sale in Glendale. The woman was a Hollywood stylist who had a ton of kids clothes - vintage, couture, name brand, etc. - mostly boy stuff and many of which were in Sage's size. Sweet! Even better, we bonded over Barack and I think it's because of this that she gave me such awesome deals. Here's what I got:

For kokoleo, these dead stock vintage tees to embellish:

For Mckenna's room, this hand painted tile:

And for me, this Pyrex Amish print bowl:

Erik rolls his eyes at my Pyrex love, mostly because we don't have enough room to store these great big awkward bowls. But! (and here's the excuse I rehearsed before I showed it to him) It matches two other smaller bowls I have AND she gave it to me for just 2 dollars! AND do you know how much these sell for on ebay? How could I pass it up?

I also got this shirt:

And this shirt that she threw in for free:

Total cost, $20. Whee!


Penny L. Richards said...

SCORE. I hit a church rummage Friday morning in Hermosa, got a big bag of crocheting cotton and some books, some clothes for the kids too. But nothing like this--well done!

undeadgoat said...

I did a double-take when I saw that bowl--my mother has that exact one, and so many of my formative baking experiences involved that Amish-patterned Pyrex . . .

~Eleanor scam said...

We had a similar kit, and I found the process hard to photograph. Even the butterflies had to be urged to open their wings and look pretty for the camera.


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